Loading Through Bottom Outlet

Step 1. Refer to section on Loading Procedures
Step 2. Remove bottom outlet blank flange or cap, connect hose ensuring connection is correct and tight. Open valves.
Step 3. Connect vapour return line and open valve to vent tank.
Step 4. Open valves. Load tank to required level. Check constantly for leaks in hoses and connections.
Step 5.  Tanks with single bottom outlet valves:
Close valve and then drain hose.
Disconnect hose and replace blanking cap
             Tanks with foot valve and external valve 
Close  foot valve.
 Drain hose.
Close external valve.
Disconnect hose and replace blanket cap or flange.(This sequence is important to ensure that no product remains between foot valve and external valve).
Step 6. Close airline valve and disconnect vapour return and replace blanking cap.
Step 7. Refer to Section